The Santa Teresa Tile Field Trip


10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Bookings closed

We can have 10-12 people attend and the workshop goes from 10-4pm. The cost will probably start at around $100, depending on what each person decides to make. They will give us a tour and show us how they make the tiles.

It’s a really fun place to design your own tile piece.They supply all the ceramic tile pieces in all sorts of shapes and sizes i.e. clouds, cactus, flowers, birds, animals etc. You choose what size tile frame you want.The staff will be there to help you with arranging you tiles if you need any help. You arrange all the pieces of your design in the frame and they will set and grout it for you.

It’s not cheap….. you can expect to pay $48 for the 4×4 size wooden frame and larger frames prices go up from there. Metal Frames start at $80 for a 4×4 and go up from there. Each frame will cost an additional $45 workshop fee.

If you choose a metal frame, they can set and grout it the same day to take home.  Wooden frames may have to be picked up on a later date.


Registrations are not yet available for this event, or event is already full. Check event description for when registrations open.