Female Figure Sculpture Class


4:00 pm - 6:30 pm


Bookings closed

Intermediate Level, Limit 10

POTS has provided a number of classes to members on sculpting human figures. In this session Lynne Fox will teach a slightly different method using techniques she explored to make flowing female figures. Lynne’s process starts with a solid hunk of B-Mix clay shaped into a human form and then hollowed out from the bottom. A head is formed using a pinch pot and a face from a silicone mold or a simple finger shaped face. The woman can be topped with elaborate hair using a garlic press or a headdress. Emphasis is on learning the techniques so you can explore and find your own style.

Registrations will open on March 25!


Registrations are not yet available for this event, or event is already full. Check event description for when registrations open.